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Importance of Reading Books to Children

Reading books is like a journey ‒ we meet other cultures and get to know ways of life we will never lead by ourselves. It is as if we would live many different lives. When we read, we learn new words, literary language, we enrich our own vocabulary and we gain knowledge about our surroundings, different peoples and their culture, nature, history … This kind of knowledge helps us to better understanding of the world around us. Besides, books open our minds, they open windows to different views and lives, and at the same time books give us the feeling of relaxation and peace, they inspire us. We all get into moments when we feel our life is grey and boring. And in those moments books can be perfect friends! They take us to another world, they make us discover new things … 

In the 1920s the sociologists found out that an average person spent a fifth of his or her wake time reading. In the last decades this amount of time has shrunk drastically, especially among adults. Nevertheless, the importance of reading has not shrunk ‒ even though we live in the “computer era”. The modern society needs people who know how to read and understand what they read so that they will be able to use all the information they can get out of reading. Interest for reading, mastering the reading technique and making reading a habit ‒ values that will bring people to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them ‒ are hidden in pre-school kids. It is very important to choose the right approach for making young children love reading. It is our responsibility ‒ we can make them fall in love with books or hate them for the rest of their lives.   

Family Reading is an Important Value

Reading to a child can promote a child’s cerebral and emotional development. While any positive interaction between parent and child is helpful, reading is always a sure way to gain a positive foothold into a child’s life. Parents who consider reading as pleasure and satisfaction and are aware of the importance of everyday reading, set a very important example for their children. Their children show greater interest and motivation for reading. They consider reading as a value, they enjoy reading and they have a positive image of themselves as readers. And, of special importance, during school age these children spend more time reading voluntarily than their counterparts whose parents do not pay such an attention to reading.

Parents’ way of thinking about reading is connected to their own reading activity. Parents who read a lot and visit library regularly set a positive reader model for their children. Also little things, as making their kids see and hear how much they like certain book, increases children’s interest in reading.

The way children consider reading together with their parents depends on parents’ capability to create an intimate and warm feeling while reading to young children. It is of great importance, the way parents present reading experiences to children, the way they satisfy children’s curiosity, how they answer children’s questions, how they respond to children’s experience, images and comprehension. Parents can interconnect the world of books and the world of the small reader only if the connection is derives from the child’s knowledge and from his or her interests

Nowadays scientists stress the importance of the right emotional atmosphere during reading to young children. A child who feels warm and safe during reading wants to re-experience these moments and will develop an interest in reading ‒ at first the interest in reading together with family members and later the interest in individual reading. If adults succeed in creating a nice and warm atmosphere, children become less unquiet and improve their concentration skills.

Time, spent with children by the book ‒ reading, telling stories, talking … ‒ is a quality time. As parents we must be aware of the fact that by reading various children’s literature we encourage children to develop positive reading habits, positive attitude towards books and language. At the same time this is the first step towards child’s balanced development and a base brick for his or her lifestyle and habits. 



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